About Us


To provide resources for the growth and well being of our Greater Vail community.


ReSources, through the coordinated efforts of our community partners, will help feed the hungry, care for seniors, clothe the needy and support the youth while treating everyone with love, respect and dignity.


To build and maintain the resources necessary to meet the basic needs of the Greater Vail community.

ReSources was formed in 2016 in response to the need for expanded services in the community.

Our aim is to provide food, clothing, school supplies and more to Vail, Corona de Tucson, Rita Ranch, Civano, and southeast Tucson neighborhoods.

Many residents in the greater Vail area qualify for assistance and until now, have received help from outside organizations.

ReSources has organized a locally controlled, operated and sustained set of programs. Through our many volunteers and community partners, we collect donated food for distribution.  We are assisted by local retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, schools, faith-based organizations and individuals.  Our mission is to provide the essentials necessary for the health and well being of the community, improving the ability of families to achieve self-sufficiency.  This is a small investment compared to the cost of ignoring these needs.

Put simply, ReSources is an organization of  neighbors

helping neighbors.