Your Contribution Makes a Difference in Your Community

Resourceful Thinking Your Contribution Makes a Difference in Your Community Angela deVesty With all the amazing non-profit organizations nationally and internationally, it can be very difficult to decide which ones to support. It’s also easy to overspend. So how do we support our passions, yet keep our budget balanced? Here are a few tips: Consider […]

February Newsletter

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Neighborhood of Good

Resourceful Thinking  Furthering your Reach by aiding in Operational Efficiency Angela deVesty   This year, a national insurance company began airing commercials focused on community service, boasting a website to connect people to opportunities in their respective communities.  One ad in particular features a man who appears to be haunted by the headlines surrounding him, […]

Are Resolutions Resolute?

Resourceful Thinking Angela deVesty Are resolutions resolute?  According to one study, just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. The other 92% of us?  Not so much.  And yes, I’m usually in the latter.  I’ve discovered I can survive 47 days without chocolate, but not pleasantly.  And eliminating the morning coffee does not yield […]

Look for the helpers…

Resourceful Thinking. Written in conjunction by Blaine and Angela deVesty. Look for the helpers.  That’s what I tell my three little ones when they are discouraged by all the events taking place around us.  At 2, 4, and 6, their access to television is still pretty limited.  But as we navigate throughout our community, it’s […]

Benevolence – the quality of being well meaning…

Benevolence – “the quality of being well meaning; kindness.”  Whether you read the paper or watch the news on TV, it seems more and more challenging to recognize this remarkable human virtue in today’s world… or is it?  Luckily for us here in the Vail community, we don’t have to look far to see kindness […]


Philanthropy – you hear the word, but may not know the true meaning behind it.  Philanthropy is defined as the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.  The concept of a generous donation may be a bit intimidating to your wallet; however Greater Vail […]

Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting.  For many, this conjures up images of pirates with eye patches and missing teeth boldly maneuvering a boat through choppy waters in search of gold coins.  For me, this means a trip to Vail Depot.  The ever-changing inventory allows for a new find every visit, and the potential for uncovering something truly magnificent.  […]

The Joy of Voluntary Simplicity

There are many reasons people seek to simplify their lives.  De-cluttering your house makes it easier to clean.  Minimizing your store list puts dollars back in your wallet.  Purchasing pre-owned items is good for the earth.  Minimalism, or the voluntary simplicity movement, is not a new theme.  It’s been around since the time of Plato, […]