Community Service, Simplified: Neighbors helping Neighbors

In a society that places much emphasis on social networks there is one thing we are certainly lacking, community involvement.  Yes, it takes more than a few clicks on a keyboard, but research proves that interaction with your community is crucial to your health and happiness as well as the health and happiness of those around you.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you call Vail home.  Whether your network consists of friends, neighbors, colleagues, church or community groups, YOU are the one who can make an impact in the service department!  If your group has 20 members, and each of you donates an hour of your time once a month, you’ve just contributed 240 annual hours of community service!  If your group has 90 members, and each of you brings a jar of peanut butter to your next meeting, your one simple gesture provided a must have staple to ReSources Vail Food Bank.  Spring cleaning?  It’s that time!  Vail Depot Thrift Store will turn your clutter into funding for ReSources community service projects.  While you’re there, find something that speaks to you.  Your purchase supports your neighbors and the Vail Education Foundation too.  Community Service takes a community, and we need you!

Angela deVesty


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