Give Back

Vail is a tight knit community that promotes kindness. Drive around town and you’ll see “Be Kind” enshrined on every school in the Vail School District. Attend a church service by one of the members from our faith-based community and you’ll hear messages of hope. Visit our ReSources Food Bank and Vail Depot Thrift Store and you’ll meet volunteers that have chosen to give up their most valuable asset for the greater good – their time.

That’s because kindness is something we, as a community, choose to spread freely.

ReSources works as a catalyst to deliver kindness throughout the Vail community by facilitating a way to empower each other to give back.

 Neighbors Helping Neighbors. 

Our mission is to provide resources for the growth and well being of our greater Vail community. It’s the reason our volunteers show up every day. It’s the reason we exist. And it’s probably the reason you’re here too.

Are you looking for ways you can give back?

There are many ways to help in your community.  Choose the one that is best suited to you.


In a matter of a few months, hundreds of people have stepped forward to volunteer their time and talent to helping fuel our mission. We’ve been amazed by the outpouring of support for ReSources but as we continue to grow and serve more people in the community, we’ll continue to need more volunteers. If time is something you’re able and willing to give, please complete our volunteer application to get started.

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In order to provide the services we offer, we need financial backing. That backing comes from people like you who want to help a neighbor in need. There are several ways you can monetarily support ReSources.

Send a Check

Simple.  Checks made out to ReSources may be mailed to:  ReSources, PO box 367, Vail, AZ  85641

Make a one time Secure Donation

Setup a Recurring Donation

We appreciate recurring monthly donations because they help us plan and budget our programs. If you’re able, consider setting up an ongoing gift, so we can continue providing the services we offer.

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Give Back With Each Fry’s Grocery Purchase

Fry’s offers a tremendous program that enables you to choose which organization receives their charitable contributions. Choose ReSources and for every grocery purchase you make, Fry’s will donate to our programs.

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Give Back With Each Amazon Smile Purchase

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime (or if you’re a regular Amazon shopper), shop at and 0.5% of every purchase will go back in our pockets.

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Give and Get a Tax Credit

Did you know that Governor Ducey doubled the amount that an individual can make in tax credits? Now, individuals can make a donation and receive up to $400 in a tax credit. That amount goes up to $800 for married couples. The process isn’t complicated either.

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Become a ReSources Partner

If you’re a business owner in the area, you know the importance of giving back to our community. By becoming a partner, we’ll give you exposure and recognition as a fellow neighbor organization helping people live better here in Vail.

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