ReSources Luncheon Honors Volunteers

ReSources Luncheon Honors Volunteers   A 1950’s sock hop was the theme for the March 4th luncheon honoring the many volunteers who have supported Greater Vail Community Resources during that past year with their work at ReSources Vail Food Bank or Vail Depot Thrift Store. The festivities took place at Christ Lutheran Church on Colossal […]

ReSources Needs Your Donations

ReSources Needs Your Donations by Susan Summers   Isn’t it a great feeling when you’re able to gift a friend with a household item or garment that’s in great condition, but one that you just don’t use anymore?  It’s the same feeling you’ll experience when you donate to Vail Depot thrift store!  The knowledge that […]

ReSources Serves Vail – a 2018 Snapshot

If you are a reader who is not familiar with Greater Vail Community Resources nonprofit corporation—“ReSources” for short—you should know that it is a grassroots approach to providing direct services to Vail’s needy citizens.  Incorporated in May of 2016, ReSources distributes emergency food, clothing and other types of assistance to individuals and families within Vail’s […]

2nd Anniversary Bash

We’re extending our hours for this event!  Open from 9:00-6:00

ReSources give thanks…

When Food is More than Fuel;  ReSources Gives Thanks!               The time-honored observance of Thanksgiving heralds the beginning of the holiday season in America and it brings to mind the sights, smells and sounds of families and friends coming together, often from afar.  As we all know, the importance of this unique holiday is bigger than its […]

ReSources Provides $15,000.00 Kick Start to New Vail School District Foundation

  Just over two years ago, a plot of ground in Vail known as the “land between the tracks” was secured by the Vail School District (VSD) and its future was imagined by district officials along with community leaders and stakeholders.   The hope was that the property, including several existing buildings, would become a hub […]

The Difficulty of Change vs The Need to Change

by Angela deVesty Change. Unless it’s something we’re adding to our pocket, it’s not typically a word we like to hear. Just ask anyone who’s ever been told their ideas, work, or hairstyle may need a change. Even when it’s clearly necessary, it’s often difficult. A key model for understanding organizational change was developed by […]

Your Contribution Makes a Difference in Your Community

Resourceful Thinking Your Contribution Makes a Difference in Your Community Angela deVesty With all the amazing non-profit organizations nationally and internationally, it can be very difficult to decide which ones to support. It’s also easy to overspend. So how do we support our passions, yet keep our budget balanced? Here are a few tips: Consider […]

February Newsletter

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Neighborhood of Good

Resourceful Thinking  Furthering your Reach by aiding in Operational Efficiency Angela deVesty   This year, a national insurance company began airing commercials focused on community service, boasting a website to connect people to opportunities in their respective communities.  One ad in particular features a man who appears to be haunted by the headlines surrounding him, […]