ReSourceful Thinking

Greater Vail Community ReSources was formed with one intent: to help neighbors in need.  Here are a few ways your contribution makes a difference in your community:

Donate to ReSources Vail Food Bank.  Keeping your community Food Bank stocked on mandatory items like peanut butter, cereal and canned meats keeps cost down and boosts outreach.  Visit for information, or contact Karen at 520-222-4966.

Support ReSources through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit.  Donate by April 15, 2018, and you may claim a tax credit that reduces your Arizona state income tax dollar for dollar.  Visit our website for information and consult your financial advisor for expert advice.

Shop at the Vail Depot.  This one is easy, and your purchase benefits both Resources Vail Food Bank and Vail Education Foundation.  Please see our ad for more details.

Serve your community.  Are you passionate about Vail and have a few hours to spare?  Fill out the volunteer application on our website and a ReSources representative will contact you to get you started.

To all those who help make ReSources possible:  Thank you.  Your support allows us to provide food to those in need.  Your support delivers meals to eligible seniors each week.  Your support allowed us to provide essentials to a woman who lost all her possessions when her home was destroyed by fire.  You are the Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and we thank you.

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