UpCycling – A family adventure

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Angela deVesty

Upcycling – A family adventure

Buying reused items is not only eco-friendly and budget-conscious, but it’s quickly becoming a growing trend too.  The depressed end table you purchased for a few dollars and beautifully refinished has now been labeled as ‘upcycled’; high quality at a low cost.  It takes a bit of effort, but the results create a sense of pride and accomplishment, much more than the click-and-ship experience.

Since Vail Depot has emerged in our community, upcycling merely involves a quick trip to the remodeled train depot between the tracks on Colossal Cave road.  Bring your whole family, shopping carts are available to corral the smallest members, and the stuffed animals in the bin up front provide a great distraction.

Whether you paint a vase and plant a flower (hint hint, Mother’s day is around the corner), buy some cookie cutters for your next play-doh adventure, or purchase some fancy jewelry for the dress-up bin, your kids will relish the experience and you’ll smile at the cost compared to your last toy store bill.  And, your purchase is a contribution to your community; proceeds benefit both the ReSources Vail Food Bank and Vail Education Foundation.

Bring back a completed coloring page for a free stuffed animal at your child’s next visit.