Your Contribution Makes a Difference in Your Community

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Your Contribution Makes a Difference in Your Community
Angela deVesty
With all the amazing non-profit organizations nationally and internationally, it can be very difficult to decide which ones to support. It’s also easy to overspend. So how do we support our passions, yet keep our budget balanced? Here are a few tips:
Consider designating a monthly contribution amount. Rather than giving an annual lump-sum amount, set aside a small amount each month to support your organization of choice. To diversify your giving, make a list of organizations and add it to the heap of bills on your desk. Remember, no matter how small you feel your contribution is, every dollar counts to those who are in need.
Set up Automatic Deductions. Already have an organization in mind? See if they offer recurring automatic deductions. This is an efficient option for those who are used to setting up automatic bill-pay and generally avoid the check and the stamp. This option also allows the organization to factor your contribution into their budget, increasing their operational efficiency and expanding your giving as well.
Take advantage of state tax credits. You’re going to pay them anyways – why not give back in the process? Speak to your financial advisor – and do it soon, that deadline is fast approaching. They can coach you on how much to give, at no impact whatsoever to your bottom-line.
No matter what your passion is – contributing to your neighbors enriches your community. At Greater Vail Community ReSources – your dollars are used to help your neighbors in need. Visit the ‘Giving’ tab at to learn more about the AZ State Tax Credit, or set up recurring monthly contributions.
Financial peace isn’t the acquisition of stuff. It’s learning to live on less than you make, so you can give money back and have money to invest. You can’t win until you do this. –Dave Ramsey

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